Warm up: Practice the new exercise “Deep Breathing.”  You can practice this hands separately and then hands together.

Ho Hum – Great work so far!  Review and practice this so that it’s nice and comfortable!

Bouncing Ball – start looking at this one.  Practice this hands separately while counting out loud!



Warm Up: Practice the exercise “Bouncing a Ball with the Left Hand.”  This exercise features a slur.  That means a line that connects two notes together!  Play these notes connected together smoothly, but don’t forget the staccato at the end!  You can also review the previous three exercises if you like!

Work on the songs “Mister Bluebird” and “Dance Band.”  Make sure to always watch the page as you’re playing!

Here are some sentences to remember the lines and spaces in the treble and bass clef.

Treble Clef lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Treble Clef spaces: FACE

Bass Clef lines: Grandma Boogies Down Fifth Avenue

Bass Clef Spaces: All Cows Eat Grass


Warm up – Double thirds ascending and descending, legato and staccato.

March in D – practice this with your new added dynamics.  This is almost performance-ready!

The Avalanche – Practice this under tempo without stopping three times.  Then try to play it at the tempo indicated on the score.  Use a metronome if needed!  Afterwards, review any areas where you have difficulty.

Prayer – work on making the piano and pianissimo dynamics dramatically quieter than the mezzo fortes.  You can make the mezzo fortes a bit louder so that the contrast is greater.  Play the mezzo fortes with strong fingers and play the pianos with a lighter touch.

Hakuna Matata – Learn the first page.  Start by practicing hands separately, then practice hands together.  Don’t be afraid to use a metronome!  If you can, buy the sheet music for this song.



Make sure to keep your hands close to the piano so that when you switch between them, it’s easier!

Continue to shake and stretch before playing.

As a warm up, practice the scale on C with the left hand and right hand (page 76-77 in your book) before your songs!

Work on the songs “Katie’s Dog Tucker” and “Bed on a Boat.”