Hi Team,

This is our busiest weekend of the year, so far.

I am leaving at noon to go to a funeral out of town, and will be back Saturday evening.  The funeral runs from noon to about 4pm tomorrow, so during that time I advise text messages only.  Emergencies should can be calls.

On Sunday, I will be out all day, starting with our display and demo classes at thebumptobabyshow.com at the Wychwood Barns, followed by our recital at the Root Down Studio at 225 Geary Ave.

If you are a Saturday teacher and a student decides to register, please refer to times that are available: 3:00 & 6:00 only.  They can show up and play for either of those.  They will need to let me know when they arrive on Sunday that they are doing that, or I won’t know to call them up.

It is my intention to take a couple of days ‘off’ next week, probably in the backyard garden.  I’ll update you on my plans.