Prepare piece of music on pg. 27 of book for recital. Keep practicing on moving through the whole piece of music without stopping the rhythm. Try to keep each note sounding as long as possible as you play.



Keep practicing all the songs you know using the C and F7 chords. You can also try the rock songs we started on – iron man and Another one bites the dust on the low sounding string. Practice should be at least 10 minutes a day, and at least 4 days this week.



Happy Birthday – continue both melody and chords and try to memorize. Try playing the chords while someone sings them. We also started learning chords for Nowhere man by the Beatles.


Hopefully you can get a bass part for Dancing queen. Otherwise slowly work through some of the rhythms in the trombone part.


James Bay: Let it go. Working on technique using the thumb and index finger.


Nino did not make it for his lesson this week. Notes from the week before:

Started working on the full chords for C, F, G this week – these are the chords in Silent Night which you can continue to practice.

Also work on the next bit of James Bond, and the beginning of Star Wars