Continue working on changing chords in “Pompeii” Try to play along with the recording.

exercises assigned in the front of your book: pgs 36,37 and a new exercise with chord strumming. Keep your right hand relaxed while playing the exercises.


Malin has been showing improvement and is able to recognize and play some of the notes. Practicing the following songs in book will help him with switching between the first and second strings:

Two open strings

Two stringed melody

Jumping around

Ping pong song

Soccer game



See page dated Feb. 27 for what should be practiced. Eliot can show mom and dad the 3 notes he has learned on the first string, E,F, and G. Practice with a pick as much as possible. Use the third finger of the left hand when playing notes on the third fret.



Songs we played through this week with walking bass, using 1,3,5 notes in the scale for each chord:

A foggy day

I wish I were in love again

12 bar blues in G



Songs we worked on this week:

Colors by Halsey

Love me by the 1975



Songs we worked on this week:

Demons (new): work on the chords, 4 strums each

Highway to hell

Wish you were here. Find a link to how I play it here:

From the book: numbers 7 and 8 (back to notation reading!)



Keep working with a pick. Also I would highly recommend changing your strings.

Songs we worked on this week:


Born under a bad sign

Rock and roll