10:30-11 Shray

Make up easy chords (one or two fingers only in the bottom 4 frets) and practice keeping your right hand pattern going without stopping, moving smoothly from one chord to the other.

New handout: Deck  the halls.

As always, consult the front of your book for more practice.

11 -11:30  Malin

Continue practicing songs from the book you practiced last week, you are doing a great job on them: Jingle bells and Mary had a little lamb.

Learn for next lesson: Little steps and big leaps, pg. 42.

12:30-1:15 Veronica

Walking bass practice: handouts for Autumn leaves in 2 keys

Classic rock riffs: Carry on my wayward son


1:15-2 Sydney

Fingerpicking for Never ending by Rihanna and Dust in the Wind by Kansas.


2- 2:30  Nino

Wish you were here: Continue practicing pg. 1, and on page 2 practice the chords, 4 strums each: C, G, D (D7 or D), Am

New: Nowhere man by the beatles. Can be found on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz4HR3groF4



2:30-3   Felipe

Work on A7 and D7 shapes and riffs in Funk 49 with a pick. Start integrating up and down picking in riff.

Listen and work on the other songs we played in rock band today:

Look Ka Py Py- the Meters


Dazed and confused

I cant quit you baby