Zippitty-do-da today, guys!  All on your way to become confident as pianists!


Though you weren’t able to practice too much this past week, hopefully you’ll get back to your steady habit.  Keep in mind which piece you might want to play for the upcoming recital!  I will play with you (as a duet) if you like :)


Boohah!!!  The little ‘music-reading blip’/concern we had will soon be rectified.  Your new theory book will help, and play that online note-naming game.  It’s fun!  Lift those fingers HIGH off the keys after playing notes, and MOVE to the RHYTHM!!!


Wow, you really practiced this past week.  Keep it up!  Don’t forget ‘Cruella’, though!  Remember, piano technique is mostly IN THE FINGERS — make them do the work!


Read the last line of my notes to Mazin, this applies to you, too!  And, SPREAD THOSE WINGS (your elbows).  One cannot play properly if their elbows are attached to their chest.