11- 11:30  Nino

New this week: Harry potter.

Pirates of the Caribbean “Hes a Pirate” and Viva la vida by Coldplay

Pay attention to the rhythm value of the different kinds of notes: whole, half,quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes

Also, keep working on the chord patterns for Demons and the Scientist: G, C, D7, and Em, as well as Wish you were here which also has an A and Am.

11:30-12  Shray

Exercises from your old book: Aura Lee, Buffalo gals, Kum Ba Ya. Use classical finger technique, not just your thumb to play these.

Continue working on recent exercises from classical book.


12:30-1:15 Veronica

(Absent this week)


1:15-2 Sydney

(Absent this week)


2:30-3   Felipe

New: Wasted years intro lead guitar riff

We also reviewed chords for Mercy mercy mercy

Other rock band songs for performance

Look Ka Py Py- the Meters

Funk 49 – James Gang

Medley: Mary had a little lamb (12 bar blues in E)/Texas flood. (Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Wish you were here


New: Firework