10:30-11 Shray

Prepare for performance: exercises on pg. 25 and 27, Deck the Halls. Play slow enough so you don’t need to stop and go smoothly from beginning to end.

Also practice Greensleeves on pg 108.


11- 11:30  Nino

This week we worked on:

Titanium melody

Somewhere over the rainbow

Demons – chords are sounding good

Started: the Scientist by Coldplay – both chords and melody (play along with my version on youtube lftmusicclass)

From book: Ode to Joy


12:30-1:15 Veronica

Funk/hip hop bass: express yourself, Cant touch this etc.

Listen for bass lines in music you are listening to and we can work at figuring them out in the lesson.


1:15-2 Sydney

Lights down low: sounding good – play along with recording

Also, based on what you know of Dust in the Wind by Kansas see if you can figure out Landslide by Fleetwood mac (we started in the lesson)


2:30-3   Felipe

Review the rock band songs, make sure you know all the chords and/or riffs. Check the homework for Rock band.