Hello Everybody!

Please read this important update regarding our operations as we approach the new year.  Here are the items in this note:

  • Please review us
  • Save for the rest of the school year
  • Policies and Procedures updates since Covid
  • Lawrence Park remaining digital for lessons
  • Vaccination & Kids in person
  • Music Together Family Classes & Locations
  • Hybrid, Home-on-Demand reminder
  • Confirm your Make-up!

We need your help!

We’ve been lucky throughout Covid, but are still working hard to reach our pre-lockdown levels of registration. Please help us by spending a couple of minutes telling us how we are doing and leaving a review about your learning experience and interaction with us on Google or TrustPilot.  It is absolutely OK for you to copy and paste your review from one site to another.

If you experience is anything other than a 5-star one, please let us know in advance of your review and give us a chance to do better for you.  We can’t fix what we don’t know about!

For LESSON reviews, click here.

For MUSIC TOGETHER reviews, click here.

20% or more savings is available to you

Our referral program is still in full effect.

If you refer new families to ABC you will get 20% for each family referred (off one set of lessons/classes), and the families get the same 20% off (all their lessons/classes [1st child only for Music Together]).

Since you can do this multiple times every year, you can save a lot of money.  Our biggest savings was a family that got 60% off their lessons one year!  You can, too!

Have you kept up with our policy changes?

There have been a number of policy changes since our first lockdown, and while we consider them common sense items, we would really like for you to be as well-informed as possible.  Please take the time to look them over now on our website.

Lawrence Park remains digital this Winter

We have unfortunately not been able to gain enough registrations to restart in-person lessons at our Lawrence Park location this winter.  They will remain digital, with no change.  We will re-evaluate this at the end of winter once again.

Vaccination Updates

With vaccinations rolling out to children 5+, we will be delighted to see these children return to in-person lessons on the 14th day after their second vaccination shot.

All of our restart policies apply, so be sure that you have uploaded your proof of vaccination (receipt for second shot), and that the student has a device running the CovidAlert app at each lesson.  Remember, students not meeting these requirements will not be able to participate, and there will be no make-ups for these lessons.

While there is uncertainty around new variants, we will continue to make our decisions on a quarterly schedule, unless provincial guidelines supersede that schedule.  We will align to recommended best practices to keep you and your family safe.

Music Together updates

At this time we will be continuing with our in-person classes on the same schedule, with the exception of the addition of a new class time in Vaughan/Woodbridge of 9:45 a.m.  Please note that we are unable to accommodate time switches at this time for those registered in the 10:45 class.

Home-on-Demand Lessons Reminder

If your student is sick, or might be, or if you have a bad schedule one week, remember that you can call us with a minimum 24h notice and let us know that you would like a Home-on-Demand lesson.

All of our operations are fully hybrid now, so teachers are ready every week to see you digitally if necessary.  This way you have an added layer of flexibility and security around your schedule, for both planned and unplanned conflicts.  Feel free to use it any time!

Did you confirm your Make-Up?

Please click to view the December Make-Up lesson schedule now.

Remember, there are no regularly scheduled lessons during this time, with January lessons beginning on or after January 3rd.

As always, you must call the office to confirm your lesson time at 416-651-7529. Remember that we are still running a little light on staffing due to Covid, so please do this as soon as possible. If you do not confirm, you may lose your make-up lesson. We are trying a new view for your schedules.  If you have any feedback, please call us at 416-651-7529.

You will need to call us in the office to confirm your lesson time, or defer.


The ABC Team