Wishing you the happiest of Holidays! Don’t forget to practice over the break… sometimes.

Slurred string crosisngs

  • go slower, really make sure you are changing the string half way through the bow
  • Going slower is harder – you won’t have speed to steady the bow, it will be harder to control = a good exercise

Make sure you’re tuning your cello to 442Hz

D major 4 notes per bow

  • Practice with drone
  • stop on 4th fingers and check with open strings with double stops. practice sliding fingers in and out of tune with the double stops to hear when it goes in adn out of tune in relation to the octave

C major

  • Keep working with the drone
  • Use the open strings to prepare the string crossings
  • Make sure the space between 3 and 4 is small. 4th finger tends to be high sometimes

How to read bass clef study book

  • try to increase the tempo as you progress through the book
  • 73, 76, 79, 80 and 86
  • start wach one with plucking slowly and then increase the tempo. once it is at goal tempo, add the bow but begin at the slower tempo again

Go Tell Aunt Rody

  • When playing with the bow, keep the bow in the string the whole time
  • focus on making the use of your bow match the note lengths
  • practice slowly first, connecting all the notes
  • When you’re having trouble with memory, sing in your head

pluck and bow allegro. listen to recordings if you get stuck with the notes

  • each line starts on a down bow, when you start adding the bow
  • rit. = ritardando = slow down
  • look at dynamics




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