Hi all!

Maleeya and Mia, you were missed today!  See you next week!

Kayla:  So much fun today!  You’re working on playing up the keyboard from the middle with your RH third finger, and playing down the keyboard from the middle with your LF third finger.  You’re also going to follow the stars to play Twinkle Twinkle (by famous composer W.A. Mozart!). Remember to use the diagram to figure out which keys to play and in which order!  10 minutes practice a day.

Andre:  So many resources for this tune!  Use the Bosco recording to feel comfortable with the notes, and the backing track (in the google drive folder) to sing along.  Remember to always work at about a mezzo forte (medium loud) or better so that you are pushing enough air past your vocal folds!

Paula:  You’re working on adding the last portion of Footloose this week, and also making sure to hear and pronounce the difference between [s] – unvoiced and [z] – voiced.  Aim to clearly articulate the final [d] sound in hard and card, and shorten the word hours to one syllable.  Been also has the [I] sound, more like bin than bean!  Also, glide sound [j] at the beginning of the word yearning.

Olivia – Hung-ah exercise – carefully pitch the first and second notes without sliding into them or starting too high or low and settling into the pitch.  It’s more useful to go slowly so that you can be accurate than to go fast and make mistakes.  You also are working on feeling comfortable with the solfege syllables and connecting them with the pitches in the scale and the hand signs.  You’re also working on Fight song this week – put in the IPA symbols for the vowels on the first page of the piece. 20 – 25 minutes practice daily.

Arjean:  Keep working on Lip trills and the consonant onset exercise.  Make sure to keep an engaged belly throughout singing, both these exercise and the pieces.  In the Pa-da-it exercise, you’re working up from around 72 – 104 this week in tempo.  On True Colours, you’re going to work on the text – keeping lips rounded through [r] sounds, and avoiding vocal fry. If you hear it creeping back in, add the [h] sound until it is back under control.  You have a new piece this week, Like a lover.  We’re aiming for a light vocal tone throughout this piece.  Listen to Emilie-Claire Barlow singing the piece – she was not much older than you when she recorded it, and has the kind of vocal tone we’re trying to capture!  20 – 25 minutes a day practice.