Great lessons today, musical peeps!!  Remember amount of progress at your instrument = the amount of time you spend at the instrument!


‘Subtlety of touch’ + ‘dexterity of hand/claw’ equals how much one can VARY and SHAPE the sound and the phrase!!  Also, remember your body MOVES on strong beats in order to assist the fingers with sound production on those beats.  Work on allowing your wrists to be more flexible, too.


Perfect one if not two of your old songs, ready to perform for me next week, so we can focus on your more recent songs.  ELECTRIFY your fingers and ENLIVEN your hands as they walk from key to key.


Excellent upgrade in the new cello!!  Now we can finally get down to serious work.  Please practice what we went over and how we went over it before you leave for vacation, then after you get back before our next lesson.  Have fun!!!


Best lesson yet, as per your openness to further explore musical and pianistic concepts, despite not practicing this past week.   Imagine how far we could delve into the musical universe if you did practice at least 2 hours per week?!  Continue with your old songs, try the new one (both the piano and singing parts), and remember to bring your pop song book next week.