Hi all!  Great to see you again this week!

Mia:  Good work this week.  Keep working on Wishing Well, and this week we’ve added two new pieces.  In addition to counting and clapping, counting and playing, count-singing and playing, you can add directions to your repertoire of tools for practice.  Identify and say out loud the direction the melody is moving, and whether it is by step (2nd) or skip (3rd).  Keep tup the good work!

Kayla: Twinkle Twinkle little star and Monster Bus Driver – work on these with the recordings!  Keep your fingers in the ‘Dipping Donuts’ position, and have fun!

Maleeya:  You’re working on Graceful Bird and Eating Ice Cream this week.  Practice finding C, D and E on the piano, and playing them with the appropriate fingers on your left hand and right hand.  Use the diagrams on each page to help you identify where to put your fingers.  10 – 15 minutes practice each day.

Andre:  Great work on extending your upper range!  You’re starting to feel much more comfortable in that part of your voice!  You’re working on a new tune this week:  You Make Me Feel So Young!  You’re going to learn the A section and the C section, leaving the B section and the beginning (rubato verse) out for now.  Listen to Frank Sinatra’s version for inspiration!

Paula:   Double check some of the rhythms in the second verse and bridge – lots of syncopation.  Download a karaoke track to practice with!  Feet – the double ee is the same sound as the i in pizza!

Olivia:  Record yourself practicing technical exercises twice this week.  Write down five things you notice about each practice session – things you do well, things that still need work.  Bring the two lists and two recordings to lesson next week.  In full voice, you’re working on p. 10 was #2 and 3 – getting comfortable with the first five notes of the scale.  On Fight Song, you’re going to fill in IPA for the vowels on pages 2 and 3!  20 minutes a day practice.

Arjean:  Good work this week with the light vocal tone!  Make sure that it stays supported – firm belly singing!  Keep watch for the vocal fry.  Keep upper notes light and strengthen the lower notes so that the upper ones don’t stick out.  Continue working towards rounding the lips on ‘r’ sounds, and keep working on Pa-da-ti!  20 minutes a day practice.