Hi all!


Thanks for a great Saturday again this week!



You are working on Alouette with hand signs and syllables from Tonic sol-fa.  When you feel really comfortable with that, you can go to the lyrics and sing them with the hand signs.  Remember to shape your [o] vowel with round lips, and your tongue stays inside your mouth!



Working on [mi me ma mo mu] with consistent air pressure to the end of each phrase.  If you hear your air pressure flagging, go back to the hiss to remember the sensation in your trunk, then return to the pitches and syllables.  For Black Coffee, stay on first vowel sound when you encounter the [a – i] diphthong in the music as an exercise.  We’ll slowly encorporate the second part of the sound next week.  Also, find three recordings of singers singing the piece on YouTube or other, and either bring links or recordings to class next week so we can listen to what the singers are doing with rhythms etc.  Watch your [I] sound in wink and your [?] sound in regrets.  Don’t let these morph into some other sound!



Mee May Mah exercise – found in Dropbox folder.  Let me know if you can’t access this folder.  Aim for long, consistent tone.

My Funny Valentine;

Learn the second half.  Use practice tracks to help.  Continue to find new examples of singers singing the track, and bring one example to lessons next week.


[mi me ma mo mu] exercise – use taller vowels, especially on me syllable.

Keep working on 4 in, 12 out hiss exercise.  Budget your air!


Practice with snaps and breaths to make sure you aren’t changing the rhythm of the song to accommodate the breathing.

Learn second half of the piece this week – Betcha section.  Practice second half just speaking the rhythm to feel comfortable with the syncopation!

Great job, everyone!


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