Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Take a look at the review that we did in your lesson this week. Practice the rhythms by counting them out loud and then playing them while counting in your head. Make sure that each rhythm sounds even by keeping a steady pulse. Also, review the drum beats that we worked on. Practice playing each one at different speeds (slow, medium, and fast).


Spend some time this week working on your buzz strokes. Try to match the sound of your left hand buzz to your right hand buzz. Make sure that you’re lifting both sticks to the same height before bringing them down on the drum. Also, apply the same pressure with each hand gripping the stick.


Continue practicing up to the beginning of the Bridge in “Say It Ain’t So.” The fills are starting to sound really good, but you need to make sure you can fit them into the song with the proper timing. Listen to the song while you practice and see if you can play along. Also, remember to count!


Practice the rhythms and coordination exercises that we worked this week. Go through each one slowly, counting out loud to ensure accuracy and consistency. Don’t rush through them and make sure that you play each one several times in a row before moving on. With the coordination exercises, always play the hi-hat with your right hand, the snare with your left hand, and the bass drum with your right foot.


Great work today playing along with the metronome! This is very good practice at keeping a consistent speed when you play. When you practice at home, make sure that you are counting out loud and listen closely to rhythm to make sure that you are not speeding up or slowing down. Pick a speed, start playing at that speed, and then stop before changing to a different speed.