Great work this week!


Mia – You’re working on learning the note names in the treble clef and starting A Happy Song.  You’re going to play this song three ways – play and say note names, play and count the beats out loud, and play and sing the words.  Bonus marks for playing and singing the note names or counts!  You also have two theory sheets on the treble clef. 15 – 20 minutes practice daily.

Arjean:  You’re working on sibilant breath, lip trills and a new exercise this week: [mi me ma mo mu].  A backing track for this new exercise will be in the Dropbox folder for you!  We worked on shaping vowels this week and opening a space near to the back of your mouth called the soft palate.  Work on isolating the feeling at the beginning of a yawn to understand the muscles at work.  New song:  My Funny Valentine.  Find some recordings online and be familiar with the piece next week! 15 – 20 minutes practice daily.

Olivia:  We worked on recital prep today!  Make sure to stay hydrated tonight and tomorrow in preparation, get a good nights sleep, and wake ready for your big moment tomorrow!  Remember your order of actions for during the performance tomorrow, and don’t let any of your actions or words get too ‘British’!  New music next week!  20 minutes daily.

Paula:  Keep working on Do Re Mi!