Excellent lessons today, guys!  Practice what we worked on today this week so next week we can delve deeper into all of the intricacies of music and its technique!!


Wow, wow, wow, Mazin!  I am so impressed by your increasing dedication and determination to mastering your pieces as best you can.  This is the only way to becoming a better pianist and musician, and you’re doing it!  After the recital tomorrow, please apply the same kind of work method we did on these 2 songs to your other pieces this week (and towards every new piece you take on).


Good focus and effort in the lesson today, but if you don’t make time to practice what we worked on today this week, we will be back to square one next lesson, so please practice (how we did today).  Remember to sit at comfortable height on your piano bench where, with your ELBOWS OUT, your wrists are naturally higher than your fingers so you articulate on your fingertips.  And, EXPLORE the different kinds of sounds you can make by how, not only the different ways your fingers can articulate keys, but also how the movement of the rest of your playing apparatuses (shoulders to fingertips) and your BODY manifests.


Well, though getting your left hand and fingers accustomed to playing the cello is at present turning out to be quite the challenge, don’t give up, dear!!  *You will get there, because you want to.*  Your bow grip and technique is already quite good.  Remember to use a squeeze ball in both hands, in order to strengthen the muscles in your fingers and hands, and to remind your hands of always being in a CLAW formation while playing.  And, bring a notebook from now on so I can write notes each lesson.


Good job today, and good luck singing in the recital tomorrow!  I wish I could be there to hear you.  Please remember to read the notes of the piece we worked on today BEFORE you start practicing, and to MOVE to the rhythmic feel while practicing at a STEADY TEMPO in SLOW MOTION.  And, bring the sheet music to the song your singing tomorrow, so we can get that piano part up to par with your singing!!!



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