Hi all!

So nice to see you back after the holiday break!  Reminder for all, your resource materials can be found in the Dropbox Folder below:



You’re working on Just a Second and Christopher Columbus.  We worked on identifying patterns in the music and using them to help us read the music more accurately.  You’re going to practice these two pieces the following ways:  Play and count, Play and say note names and Play and sing.  When you play and sing, you can choose to sing note names, counts or the words in the music!  20 minutes a day.


So nice to meet you today!  I’m very much looking forward to seeing you grow as a singer!  We’re working on breath awareness/management and muscle coordination.  For breath awareness, you are going to take five minutes out of every day to draw your attention to your breath and the sensations of breathing.  Think about where you feel the sensation of breath in your body.  The inversion exercise is helpful for bringing awareness of where in your body the diaphragm is located.  Your second exercise is to try the six points of posture five times every day.  Finally, you are going to find some recordings online of Once I Loved, and bring your favourite version to the lesson next week!


You got an introduction to International Phonetic Alphabet this week, and the dreaded diphthong.  A diphthong is where you have two vowel sounds in a single vowel, and your piece has many examples of the [a-i] diphthong.  You are going to work on finding every example of this diphthong in your music, and make sure to stay open to the first vowel ([a] is in father) and not the second vowel ([i] as in pizza).


Restart!  You’re going to work on I Know It’s Today, thinking of the following: clear starting and ending consonants, making sure to voice the [d] and not the [t], not adding an [s] sound to the word candlelight, and knowing how the song goes from the beginning to the end.  Use the resources in your Dropbox  folder to help, including the backing track.  You’re also working on the hung-ah exercise – make sure to have the entire exercise happen on ONE BREATH!  Engage your core muscles to support a steady stream of consistent air throughout singing, in this exercise and in all the singing you do!  25 minutes a day.