Hi all!


Here is your homework for this week!


Marlowe:  You are working on shaping your [o] vowel – round mouth, dropped jaw, lips like a trumpet bell!  You are also working towards memorizing the ascending and descending scale with hand signs.  Lastly, on Alouette you are still working on being able to sing the lyrics with the hand signs.  In your Full Voice workbook, you are working on page 10 – recorded resources are in the Dropbox folder for you! (10 mins a day)



Continue working on Besame Mucho from beginning to bar 16.  Sing just the melody on neutral syllable “La”.  Don’t worry about including text quite yet.  (7 mins a day)

Also, continue working on breathing exercise – Sit in chair, elbows to knees, with head dropped and neck muscles relaxed.  Breathe deeply, and notice the sensations in your belly.  Breathe in through your mouth, and breathe silently.  (7 mins a day)



Continue work on Castle on a Cloud, vs. 1 and 2.  Sing through on ‘pim’ syllable until pitches feel secure.  Then go to text except last word of each phrase, where you will sing vowel only (eg. There is a castle on a [a]).  Use the IPA vowels we selected.  After at least a week with these two methods, you can go to singing on full text.(8 mins a day)

See saw exercise, and [mi me ma mo mu] exercise continuing.  Use your learning resources to continue working on this technique (7 mins a day)