Excellent work this week and lessons today, folks.  Keep it up!!


Especially for you, Sadie!!  You really tried this week, and it showed!!  Remember to keep your fingers curved, playing on fingertips, your wrists high, and your hands like CLAWS as you play.


Great progress on Medieval Fair!!  Remember to lift your forearm quickly up at the end of slurs in this piece.  And, as general principle — as long as your fingers are pressing down a key, they should be ‘ELECTRIFIED’, and shaping the sound of that pressed down key by all of the various one can manipulate the sound (appropriate to what you are playing) while a key is pressed down.


Practice, practice, practice, dear sir!  For a 45 minute lesson, you should try to practice 45 minutes every day.  You are musical, and catch on well, but if one doesn’t practice what they’ve learnt, that lesson is soon forgotten..


Excellent first lesson, though we just began to touch upon music reading/understanding the bass clef.  Next time!  Please purchase the book you took a photo of, and practice the bow hold exercises I showed you, open strings, and double stops while MOVING to the rhythm to a STEADY TEMPO from frog to tip, up and down bow as you play.


Remember to ENGAGE your core, sit with ‘ballerina posture’ as you play, AT ALL TIMES — no matter what the ‘rhythmic dance’ of the piece you are playing is.  One ‘paints with sound’ as they play, so LISTEN to the sound as long as your fingers are down on the keys (especially melodic notes), and EXPERIMENT!!



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