Hi all!

REMINDER – No lessons next week, February 8th!  See you all in 2 weeks!

Michelle – You were missed!  Looking forward to seeing you again after all the conflicts have passed!  Hope you’re having fun!

Nila – You’re working on your Hiss-saw exercise as a warmup.  Remember to engage the belly through hissing and singing, and relax the belly through breathing!  You’re starting Maybe this week – a PDF of the music is in the google drive, as well as a recording of verses 1 &2.    This same melody comes back on the second page, so once you’ve learned it, you have three quarters of the tune under your belt!  You’re also working on the Full Voice workbook, p. 9.  15 minutes a day practice.

Estelle:  Good work this week!  You’re working on practicing the six points of posture, and keeping your breath belly-centred.  I’ve uploaded a practice track for your vocal exercise – lip trills.  Remember to keep your breath steady and consistent, and keep your facial muscles relaxed.  There is also a PDF of Castle on a Cloud in your folder, and you can begin listening to this piece (and watch the musical it comes from, Les Miserables).  When we see each other next, we’ll take a closer look at the piece.  20 minutes a day practice.

Hannah:  Nice to meet you this week!  We worked on Blooming Fingers, Ok fingers and Table taps this week.  Feel free to experiment with playing the groups of black keys with the left and right hands up and down the keyboard!  10 minutes practice a day.