Fantastic fun teaching you guys/subbing for David, again!!  Practice this week, and try to remember the musical and technical principles we explored today!


You are a great listener!!  Remember to LISTEN to how the fingers come off the keys, just as much as you are aware of how they come down on the keys.  We ‘paint with sound’ telling a story when we make music, so ALWAYS make sure the sounds (the keys you articulate) sound beautiful!!!  Also, remember that the ‘accompaniment’ hand should never takeover the presence of the melodic hand.


Explore Supercali again, moving to the strong beats as you play.  And, be aware of the story you are telling.  One plays louder during the climax of a song.


Please cut your fingernails so no white of the nail is showing, and sit up straight before playing!  Then, MOVE to the rhythm of the piece as you play.  ‘Paint with sound’, using multiple beautiful ‘colors’ as your fingers strike the keys.  And, LEGATO — walk from key to key so that there is no break in the sound.  Keep a steady tempo, claw-like hands walking from key to key like a 5 -legged spider.