Marco, Daniel, Julian:


Keep working on your C and also G major one octave HS scales :) RH fingering is 12312345 and LH is 54321 321 for both. G major is all white keys except for F#. Focus on having as little movement in your arm as you tuck your thumb under. Pretend that tucking your thumb under is the easiest thing in the world and that you can do it without anyone even noticing. A relaxed arm and wrist will achieve this.


Keep working on your C, F, G major triads. A broken triad is a lateral movement like a crab where your fingers only play the triad notes (1,3,5) over and over. for example: CEG EGC GCE then CEG. You should use the most ergonomic fingering which is RH: 135 125 135 135. LH it’s 531 531 521 531. The same fingering is used for the solid version also – it is played in a “quarter note, quarter note rest” alternating pattern.


I’ll hear your pieces on Thursday:)
Today we did note reading, counting, and 5note scales. Great job!
You know your C major one octave scale fingering really well! This winter break, you can take that same fingering and learn the G major scale. It is all white notes except for F#. RH 123 12345. LH 54321 321.