A very happy Easter Weekend to you all!

I wanted to update you on a few important pieces of information, as well as give you some insight into the rest of the academic year.

Ms. Vachon & Mr. Townsend

Ms. Vachon has begun a parental leave, and Mr. Townsend – who filled in for Ms. Vachon’s illness – will be taking over the rest of the year.  We will update you with his biography shortly.

Work to be done

Please continue work assigned in the previous post.

7-day Homework Helper & Violin Worksheet

We have had requests for a 7-day version of the homework helper.  Click to download it.  We do not require this version, but do require the regular homework helper to be submitted every Tuesday.

There is also a new Violin Worksheet available for download.  Please take the time to review this with your students over the next week-and-a-half.  There may be a pop quiz on it…

Looking Ahead

We have almost reached the end of our 7-week plan.  This has been very useful in terms of highlighting engagement, participation, and needs.  We’ll be reviewing these things with Dr. Ling in the next 2 weeks, and update you on the remainder of the year when we have done so.



Many thanks,