Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the new drum beat with a sixteenth note on the bass drum. Play some of the exercises that I showed you that alternate between playing the bass drum and hi-hat separately and together. These will help you with the drum beat to not play the hi-hat and bass drum together. Practice it slowly so that you can control your hands and feet independently.


Practice the new beat that we worked on from “Fool in the Rain.” Take it slow at first and then gradually speed it up. See how fast you can go without the rhythm getting funky. It’s a very “straight” beat and needs to be very precise in order for it to keep its character. Also, practice improvising fills with the original beat from the song. Be creative!


Practice the two new fills from “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers: the one from the middle of the verse, and the one at the end of the chorus. Also, work on the mambo beat that was introduced this week. Practice the left hand together with the feet. Then practice the right hand with the feet. Then just the hands together. Finally, try putting all three together.