Hello everyone! By now you have all seen that I will be taking a leave from my teaching position with ABC. Though I spoke with you all during your lessons on Wednesday, I just wanted to mention again how much I’ve enjoyed working with you all this past semester! Each and every one of you are such fabulous students! It’s truly been a great experience.

I will be seeing some of you this week for a makeup lesson, but for everyone else, I wanted to wish you the best next semester, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Please see below for practice suggestions during the break should you feel so inclined, but make sure you get plenty of time to relax as well!


-I’ll see you next week for your makeup lesson, but in the meanwhile, I’m still happy to do a recording of Billie Jean if you post the sheet for it!


-keep up the great work on Silent Night
-practice your new piece “My Invention” from your lesson book


-keep up the good practicing on “Let it Rain”
-practice finding notes on your piano — Can you find all the C’s? B’s? G’s? etc. + Can you quiz yourself on the order of the musical alphabet? Going up (while playing the keys?) What about going backwards?


-keep singing “Someone You Loved”– try singing along to the full song!
Once you feel comfortable with the whole thing, try it out with this instrumental track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uIHJRfZFFg
-keep up the good work on Jingle Bells
-keep practicing the songs from your lesson book: Best Friends and Gorilla in the Tree


-keep up the great work on all your repertoire pieces
-To Fly Like an Eagle: begin experimenting with the pedal here, plus adding dynamics when you feel ready
-practice the chords to Run to the Father + try singing along with it!

Awesome work everyone! I hope you have an excellent break, and an amazing semester in 2021!