Recommended Practice Time: 15-30mins every day

What to practice: This week Lucas I want you to play through Lesson 2 in addition to practicing the beat at the end of Lesson 1.

How to practice effectively: With lesson 2 just do your best counting the 8th notes, they are counted as 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +. For the beat in lesson 1 just work through the steps, first the hi-hat, then the snare drum, and then the bass drum. You can practice this to any song and practice it a lot! You want it to feel like second nature.

It was a ton of fun playing with you today as usual!


Recommended Practice Time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Next week Ella I want you to work through the second page of Lesson 8 as well as look through Etude IV from Mitchell Peters Intermediate Snare Drum Studies. In addition work on the 16th note beat to Verbatim.

How to practice effectively: Focus on getting the beats with fills comfortable and try to work through the stickings in the hand exercises in Lesson 8. Then for the Peters etude, focus on playing the accented notes loudly and the non accented notes really softly. The sticking is just alternating the whole time starting on whatever hand you want. We’ll talk more about this technique next week. For the Verbatim 16th note beat, try alternating from 8th notes to 16th notes and back, keeping the inflection. Getting that feel right is something that will only come with time.

And here is some fun listening if you’re interested:

Imogen Heap, Speak for Yourself

Muse, Black Holes and Revelations

You sounded great on Violent Sun today Ella, can’t wait to keep working on Verbatim!


Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Next week Jonah I want you to be prepared to play through Lesson 10.

How to practice effectively: Really great focus today Jonah, I felt like we got some really great work done! This week you’re going to need to really count carefully for the fills and the reading, so make sure to be very deliberate, I know you have the focus, so keep honing it!

Great playing today Jonah!


Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Next week Samson, I want you to play through the beats and hand exercises to Lesson 8.

How to practice effectively: Good work with the beats in Lesson 7. This week I want you to focus on playing the beats as many times as possible, to get them engrained at that next level and then be able to run through all of them either 2 times or even just once. You could even try them backwards too!

Good job today dude, it was good to see how much you can improve on those beats in even just half an hour!


Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: This week Sylvie your goal is to practice the pre-chorus fill and the last half of the song. Here are the transcriptions of the beats. And here is a form chart of the song.

How to practice effectively: Don’t be afraid to get all the way through the song! Work on the first beat variation and the last variation in the chorus. Also be sure to really listen to the track and try not to rush!

Good playing today Sylvie!