Week One – Done!

Hello TFS parents, our first week is behind us, and aside from a TTC delay that affected both TFS and our Campus location, things went relatively smoothly.  We have a few tidbits of information to let you know about now, which we hope you will find useful.

Email Frequency

Generally speaking, we try to avoid sending too many emails to you, and will aim for a monthly note.  The exception to this will be for peak periods (recitals, holidays) or unexpected events and changes.  You’ll notice an ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of our emails, which you are welcome to use, bearing in mind that these news updates will be posted on the TFS page of our website.  Just remember that you’ll be responsible for lessons missed if you aren’t getting these notifications.

You’ve Got Mail Coming

In the early to mid-week you’ll be getting some mail.  There will be up to three things in the envelope.

Receipt – If you registered over the phone, you’ll find a yellow receipt, with all of your basic lesson information included.  If you registered in person at TFS, you already have your receipt.

Lesson Schedule & FAQ – We recommend this purple page go on the fridge.  Your schedules will be highlighted, so you know what your lesson days are through June.  On the back of the sheet you’ll find our most commonly asked questions, which we recommend you read once, and then refer to it when you have a question.  You are always welcome to call if there is need.

Referral Card – This blue card is easy to use.  Either you or your child can give this to a friend, and if they register before the date on the card, you’ll get 20% off your one set of lessons through June, and your friend’s family will get it on all of their lessons through June.  This is an unlimited program – you can refer as many people as you like, and we’ll keep knocking off increments of 20% within a school year.

Homework Posts

These should be rolling out to you this week and next.  If you didn’t get one, please refer to your Teacher’s page, to see if it is posted.  You should be subscribed by default.  If there is no post, then your teacher’s infrastructure is still being set up.  Stay tuned!  Your posts should start to arrive regularly shortly.

Missing Important Dates

We are aware from some of you that there may be some dates that are not accounted for in our planning.  We are aware of this, and will update you on substantial changes by email.


We are always interested in hearing what you have to say.  Our philosophy is that problems are actually opportunities, mislabeled!  We also are very much at terms with the likelihood that this new relationship with TFS is going to take some time to settle into, likely accompanied by some bumps along the way.

Your feedback is of prime importance in this process and we will be happy to hear from you.