Wow! your chords are awesome.  I especially love your choices when you play different chords at the same time.  Explore the keyboard this week.  Try different combinations.  See what beautiful big chords you can make. Also, think of a song you really like.  A nice simple song…try to figure out the song on the piano.  You have a really good ear and I know you can figure out a song you know.  Your progress is excellent!

Nice to see you again!  I think it would be a good idea to work on two things this week: First work on the piece in your book that you’ve already mostly learned.  Get good at it very steadily without any hesitations at all.  Make it as beautiful and expressive as you can!  Secondly, work on the boogie woogie piece that your dad? uncle? taught you.  It’s important to make it feel really smooth and fun.  You have a feeling for it and a little attention to the flow will make it sound fab!  Keep up the good work lady. :)

Oh my! such a good story we told about the vampire squirrel in the forest!  Your accompaniment was spot-on!  Keep exploring the very expressive sounds you can make on the keyboard.  LOUD and soft. FAST and slow. WHITE NOTES and black notes.  Make another story in your head and make the music that sounds like the story!   Also, chords! keep working on making the chords with nice curved fingers.  Do it for at least 5 minutes each time you play the piano.  You want your fingers and hands to get stronger.  Always make sure you give you fingers a rest though.  You’re doing very well!

Great work this week kiddo! You’re progressing very well.  I see that you are getting faster at playing the notes as you read them.  It’s fun! Work on the F scale but up and down with both hands. F is a great and fun key to play in.  Get going on the SWING piece in your book.  See what you can learn in the next week.  Very good work.