Hello Everybody!

We hope you are all getting ready for Bongos (or Kangaroo for all you new Rhythm Kids!) which is starting really soon!

Free Pyjama Class on September 24th @ 7:00 p.m.

This special class is for Music Together families only, no Rhythm Kids this time.

We’ll be introducing Music Together to our entire teaching team at this class, so you’ll have some observers.

Why?  Music Together is an amazing class, but our private music lesson teachers don’t have any context for what it means when I introduce your kids as Music Together (and soon Rhythm Kids) ‘graduates’.  What we want to have happen is that when students arrive for music lessons, your teacher will understand and be able to wear their silly hats, play musical games, and make the most of your Music Together experience to transition into music lessons as effectively as possible.

We’ll need you to wear you best silly hats, and bring your biggest singing voices so our teachers can see the magic in action!

Give us a call in the office and sign up for the free demo today: 416-651-7529.