Awesome final and end of summer lessons with all of you!  Pleasure teaching you, and looking forward to resuming lessons with some of you in a little over a week’s time!


Again, excellent progress with your ‘moving to rhythm’ as you play over this summer, Ian.  Remember, your hands should move IN COORDINATION with your body rhythmic movements.  And, keep your wrists HIGH, never below your fingers or resting on the keyboard.  Study the lines and spaces of the treble and bass clefs until you can name the note (and point to the key on the piano it represents) IMMEDIATELY!!


Better effort in practicing this week, but this is a minimum if you want to progress with your piano playing, dear!  The technical challenge in Batman is getting one hand to play legato (connect the sound from one key to another) while the other lifts off the key to play the same notes again.  If you don’t try, you will never know what you can achieve…


Superb progress on your bow work from last lesson!!  Remember the proper contact points for your bow hand thumb and pinky finger.  SOSTENUTO (sustaining) is key to cello playing — sustaining the sound as long as possible until the rhythm dictates that you must arrive at the next note.  This is achieved with your bow work, but it begins in your mind/imagination.


It’s been the highest pleasure to be your guide these past two years, my fine young sir!  You have come a long way since we first began, I am proud.   Remember to keep your core muscles ENGAGED AT ALL TIMES, and MOVING to the rhythm of the piece while you are playing, and to keep your shoulders relaxed, your elbows away from your body, and your wrists HIGH as you articulate.  I can’t wait to hear how you have progressed in the next few years…