Welcome back from summer break, everyone!


I hope you’re excited to start piano again! Let’s begin the year by reviewing “Half-Time Song”. I know it’s a little bit rusty from last year, but it sounded really good again at the end of the lesson. Just remember not to play the first two notes in the left hand too fast. Also, remember the little chart I drew for you in your book. Quarter note = one beat, Half note = two beats, whole note = four beats. This will help you to play the right rhythms. Remember, if you do this well next week, you can have your cat sticker! Can’t wait to start doing more songs next week.


“Greatest Show on Earth” sounds better now! Focus more on section 3, as that’s the trickiest part in the piece. Remember to practice each section, first by doing the left hand, then by doing the right hand. When you can play super comfortably with your hands separate, then put the hands together. Remember when you’re practicing, to practice slowly but play it correctly. After you’ve done all the hard work, and you are 200% comfortable at the slower tempos, you can keep trying faster and faster tempos.


It was so nice to meet you today and I’m glad you had a lot of fun at your first EVER piano lesson! Like I said, I threw a lot of information at you on your first day, so if you forget some of it next week, don’t worry! Some things to remember and practice for next week:

1 – Quarter Note = 1 beat, Half Note = 2 beats

2 – Find all the Ds – in between the little forests

3 – for little forests, you use fingers 2-3; for the big forests, you use 2-3-4

4 – I also asked your mom to get the book that has the song we just worked on, “Merrily We Roll Along”. Until you get the book, I’m going to write the fingerings here for you (it’s with the left hand!) 2-3-4-3-2-2-2 3-3-3 2-2-2. I will post the link to the book on my homepage so you can find it.