Hi Team,

Here’s a brief update on a few areas that you should know about.


We are still faced with a work-to-rule in the public schools, which has undoubtedly affected our intake this fall.  A fresh round of 9,000 flyers went out this week, so we’ll see what happens.

Flu Shot

In the last two years I began taking the flu shot, mostly because we have been increasingly busy, and it made sense for me to keep in prime health.  I am now recommending that you consider doing the same.  Not only is it free, but being sick with the flu sucks.

Schedule Optimization

Schedule optimization will begin next week, and already has for some of you.  We’ll be working towards eliminating gaps in your schedule as we are now exiting the peak season.  As always, thanks for your patience as we got through the back-to-school rush.

Homework Posts

If you have not yet begun your homework posts, please begin now.  We recommend Hannah’s or Jonny’s posts as good examples of how to format and write them.  You’ll also notice that Jonny has also indicated an absence and who will be filling in – a great use for the system that we hadn’t considered!  The most common omission seems to be the date for the work assigned.  Don’t forget to include that in your post title.

If you are having trouble accessing the system, let me know.  I know Jay has had consistent trouble, for instance.