Hi everyone,

Here is this week’s homework e-mail…


Keep working on the beats from your song. Practice the “bridge” beat very slowly. Don’t speed it up until it feels comfortable. Also practice the “chorus” beat with the extra bass drum note added. Strive for consistency.


Practice the new beats for “Bring Me Down” and “Ghosts”. Focus on keeping the speed really steady. Also work on the fill from “Ghosts” paying close attention to the transition from the fill back into the beat.


Practice those snare/bass exercises I gave you. Try them at different speeds – slow, medium, and fast. Listen very carefully to what you’re playing to make sure the rhythm stays even. Also, work on the beat from your new song.


Although I didn’t see you this week, keep working on the syncopated drum beats that I gave you last week. See you at 5:45 next week.


Keep working on the rhythms I gave you. Remember to count out loud and try to keep the rhythms even like we talked about in your lesson. See you on Saturday next week (the 24th) at 9:30am


Work on the new fills from “Watching the Wheels”. Listen to the song at least once at each practice session to help get the rhythms in your ear. Also try playing along with the recording. See you on Saturday next week (the 24th) at 12 noon.