-Warmups (try at three speeds)
8 on a Hand
Single Strokes
Double stokes
***Four kinds of paradiddle: Single (LRLL..) Double (RLRLRR..) Triple (LRLRLRLL..) and Paradiddle-diddles (RLRRLL or LRLLRR)
*Alfred, Solo #2
Drumset Musician Worksheet p. 12 ex. 8-11
ACDC – Back in Black – up to gtr solo** add three details:
     1) Crash on each word of “back in black”
     2) Lead into each “back in black” with bass drum on “3 & . &”
     3) Add one snare drum to the last fill before each chorus


Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo = *120)
Sixteenth Note Exercise (goal tempo=100*)
*Stick Control Ex. 57-64 (***160bpm)
Joel Rothman Lesson 16**
*Memphis soul stew–all, focusing on drum fill at top of page 2
Xylophone *Pno book pg 48


-Warmups (slow, med, fast):
          8 on a hand
          Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
          Roll Exercise
Double Paradiddles
Alfred Lesson 5: Combination Study
**John Mayer: Gravity — learn the 6/8 beat in this song! count “1 2 3 4 5 6” BD on 1, SD on 4
Thinking of new songs:
Last Night by the Mar-Keys
Under Pressure


*Stick Control page 11, ex 1-2 –> focus on the rebound
Flams, Flam accents, Flam Taps (keep flam integrity when adding new strokes)
*New Song: Under Pressure – all **be sure to keep the solo section steady


Pad Exercises (1min/ea):
          Triplet Exercise (goal tempo=130*)
          Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=100)
          Roll Exercises (80bpm)
          Flams and Flam Taps (80-90bpm)
Rhythm exercise 40bpm
***Syncopation p. 38
Brushes: swish-and-2 3 4 pattern (rlr r r ) *and* 1 swish-and 3 4
*Steely Dan: Peg (up until Verse 2)