Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s today’s assignment:


Leftover Popcorn: Watch out for the natural sign next to the F. Continue to aim for thoughtful, careful practice. You’re all done your level 1 book! We chose 5 of her favourite songs from the book: she can review them when she has time this week.  We also added one new Dozen a Day warmup.



Hush Little Baby: When I point to each note, she is able to follow each note carefully. You can continue to review this song this week.

This Land: We looked through all the different LH combinations: have her play each one carefully. Also, we learned about the B under C (and where it is in her music). She can reach B by stretching out her thumb down to reach B, then bringing the thumb back to C after playing B.



Rain, Rain: Sometimes she mixes up the G and E (G is the second line up, while E is the first line). She plays well when I point to the note while she plays. Be sure to play carefully and not to rush. We added one new song: Merrily We Roll Along. We analyzed the different LH combinations (there’s a new chord), and this is the same melody as Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Aim to spend about 10 minutes playing daily to help reinforce and speed up learning.



Spring Theme: Aim to play this 4-6 times daily (we didn’t go over this song today because she hadn’t had time to work on it yet).

Make your Move: The hands are in a new position. This can be confusing especially if she associates the note with a finger instead of looking down at the keyboard to check where the notes are. Aim for careful, thoughtful practice this week.



Little Snail: This is coming together! Play slowly so you have time to look for where the next note is (no need to rush). Can you play this 3 times in a row without any fumbles?

Alphabet Song: This is the same melody as the song, Twinkle, Twinkle. You can sing along to help reinforce the rhythm. Point to each note while she plays and say “ta” for the quarter notes and “ti” for the eighth notes (and 8th notes are twice as fast as quarter notes). We also started the Spring Song, and listened to the melody in class today. We only worked on half the song so far.  Maddy’s fingers are gradually getting stronger, and I noticed her fingers were a little less flat today. Keep up the good work.


Have a wonderful week everyone!