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Hannah’s Homework August 17 – 23

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents I can't believe it's nearly the end of the summer! Here are your homework posts for this week:     Maria: I gave Maria a few new pieces to work on. Please get a 1" binder to put them in (with hard cover, not floppy cover). Pieces we covered today: Sweetly Sings the Donkey, Ode [...]

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Hannah’s Homework August 10-16

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents Maria   Maria was able to locate the key on the piano when I asked her. Sometimes she still mixes up F and G, so keep quizzing her at home to find the key as fast as possible. Please practice the song that we composed in class together. It is made up of CDEFG in [...]

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Hannah’s Homework August 3 – 9, 2016

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents   Maria Raindrops: Good work so far with one finger in each hand. Listen for a short, light sound (like very small raindrops). Now, use all 5 fingers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wde8bpORThU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQlL1ToMvNA   You can ask Maria to play a key on the piano (you name the key and she finds it as quickly as she can). Remember [...]

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Hannah’s Homework July 27 – Aug 2

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents   Maria Nice to meet you today! We are going to work on improving Maria's note recognition in C position.  Raindrops: Listen for small little raindrops (short, quiet sounds) when you play. Remember your left hand is the "leader" (it plays first, then the right hand copies) If you have an iPad or iPhone at home, [...]

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Hannah’s Homework July 20 – 26

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents Alyssa Pop Goes The Weasel: Continue practice this and I will listen to it next week. New Shoes: Play to the end this week. Remember to play the B flats.  Be sure to follow the fingering carefully on the last two lines.   Tanishq: Fur Elise: Continue to practice this - I will hear you play it next week. [...]

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Hannah’s Homework July 13-19

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents Alyssa Pop Goes The Weasel: Both hands are close together so be careful that you use the correct hand for the notes in each clef. Also, this piece jumps around, going up and down several octaves. Use middle C as your reference point. Make it your goal to move to each position without a pause. Cool [...]

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Hannah’s homework July 6 – 12

Dear Piano Explorers and Parents   I am delighted to kick off our first homework post for the summer lessons!  Come and get refreshed in Studio 1 (where there is air conditioning!) and we will continue our musical journey! Here's a hilarious video if you have a few minutes. I'm pretty sure you all have heard this piece by Beethoven? [...]

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Hannah’s Homework June 22-29

Dear piano explorers and parents   Today was our last regular lesson of the school year. Check below for your makeup lessons and see you soon!     Veda - Saturday June 25, 6:30pm, Wednesday June 29, 4:30pm It was fun playing the "half-step, whole-step" game with you today. Snake Dance: Flats last for the entire bar (it's like water with [...]

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Hannah’s homework June 8-14

Dear piano explorers and parents     Zoe Morning: (in your orange folder) Play to the end of this piece. Both hands move up to reach "A" in bar 6, and 14. Keep playing this daily. Twinkle Twinkle Variation 2: (in your lesson book B) follow the movement of notes up and down. Cross your LH finger 2 over your [...]

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Hannah’s homework June 1-7

Dear piano explorers and parents Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!  Only 3 more lessons left! Veda Morning: Veda is improving in finding the notes on the piano. In bars 13,14,19,20, please check your notes in the RH.  We played up to bar 21 today. Keep playing this daily.   Zoe Morning: Play to the end of this piece. Both hands move [...]

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