Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the fall 2020 semester. Here you will find your homework each week. I will also suggest how long to practice and provide a few helpful hints to get you prepped for the following week. This will provide you with some guidelines to allow your child to progress. Good luck practicing and have fun!


Recommended daily practice time is 25-30 minutes per day

Technical work:

Practice A major scale this week. For the scale you will use both hands and play two octaves. In addition, you can also practice the broken and solid triads for A major. You can play hands separately for this one.


We have two songs this week. Medieval Fair and In the Hall of the Mountain King. In both pieces we are focusing on the overall story behind the music. Deciding what each section represents and allowing the dynamics to direct how and why we play loud, soft, smooth and detached. Spend some time with each story and choose how you will shape and phrase each piece. Use the stories that we came up with in class and if you have any ideas over the week experiment and bring them to class next time we meet. Have fun with this and don’t be afraid to be creative! There are no wrong answers!

How parents can help: Encourage your child to have a daily practice routine and ensure that they are filling out their homework logs correctly. In addition to the online homework posts, I recommend that each student keep and maintain a homework journal. This is where they can fill in how long they practice and what they worked on that week.