You’re close to getting Power Ride together. Aim for playing 4 bar chunks without stopping, and eventually seam together the whole song. Take it slow and keep a close eye on articulation, dynamics and breathing.

Try to feel comfortable on the first 8 bars of Etude in D. Don’t get psyched out by the awkward phrase lengths and big jumps. Trust the music and your knowledge of the horn for this one and it’ll turn out great.



Nice job getting through some trickier scales this week. Next week we’ll run through the sharp keys to finish them all off.

Just some quick notes on the RCM rep.

Etude in D: Be aware of note lengths, you have a tendency to shorten the second eighth note in a group if they’re tied together. The tie only indicates where to tongue not note length!

German Dance: Dynamics!!!

All Through The Night: check out the vibrato. Listen to other people play and analyze when they use vib! It always sounds better the less you use it.