Try to spend some time this week working on the low G extension exercise we chatted about this week. To re cap, you start on middle G and play an arpeggio down an octave (G, D, B, G) and then go up the scale from there. You can begin with just one octave and then progressively add to that. Up to D, or even the full two octaves. Try to do it in one breath so the embouchure can learn to adjust in the mouthpiece instead of resetting.

Try to get the first 12 bars of Etude in D together for next week. Feel free to work out the melody without the articulation and then add it in when you feel comfortable.


Nice job getting through the rest of the major scales.We can continue to review those in the following lessons until they feel comfortable.

All Through The Night is sounding great. You played at a great tempo and put on just the right amount of vibrato. Keep a keen eye on the dynamics to make it sound even more musical. Remember to always take full breaths to create a beautiful sound always.