Try to work on some mouthpiece exercises we did this week. Different pitches, volume and tonging all over the mouthpiece will allow for maximum comfortability on the horn. This is also a good time to really be aware of your breath. Check that you’re taking a full breath and filling from the bottom up & support with your diaphragm and ab muscles when playing.

Try to do the two octave G scale as much as possible this week. This is an exercise that will help you see results pretty quickly. Engage the corners of your mouth and crescendo to the top of the scale to help out the higher pitches. Take your time with this one and only add notes on top when you feel really solid with everything beneath it. Try to get all the way to the top in one breath, maybe even try to extend up to a high B.

Etude in D is coming together nicely. Start to be aware of little details that add musicality. Added dynamics, articulation, playing with the time, etc. This one could use a little more attention this week but I think it would be to your benefit to spend more time on Etude in C. If you could get the first 12 bars together for next week that would be great.


Everything is coming together really nicely for the RCM exam. The ear training was going well this week, it’s definitely one of the harder skills to practice by yourself so its great that you’re picking up on it so quickly.

I’ll add the link to the RCM syllabus so you’ll be able to go over everything needed for the exam.


I think the only things that need more work on there are the mouthpiece studies, the chromatic scale, and some sight reading. We’ll be able to cover a lot of that next week and the following weeks so everything will be in great shape.