#1. Overtone warmup – practice with full air support, aiming for a strong, steady sound and very little embouchure tension.

#2. Hooked on a Feeling – practice at 100 bpm, remembering tonguing

#3. Tonguing exercise at 90 bpm (2 notes per click)

#4. Continue blues material (Equinox) from last week (here’s it is again):
Play solo, and along to this backing track:

  • Melody of Equinox
  • Improvising using your ear / pentatonic scale
  • Quarter note arpeggio exercise (playing notes of chords from your chord chart in different octaves)

#5. Elementary Method pg 14 #7: slur eighth notes and tongue quarters. Remember F#’s!


#1. Continue overtone scale exercise, building to step 3.

#2. Memorize ‘Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle’: the order of sharps!

#3. Db major scale (from Voxman or page in book)L build from 70-80 bpm.

#4. Chromatic major scales: practice at 70-80 bpm, forwards and backwards. Aim for fluidity and focus on any parts that are hard for you.

#5. ‘Amen’: listen to the first 2 choruses from the recording, then play the first chorus along to a metronome at 120 bpm.

#6. Continue the Voxman piece, adding the next 6 bars. Practice at a tempo that you can play it perfectly, then speed up.


#1. Ab major scale, quarter note = 60 bpm (3 notes per beat)

#2. Continue Galper 136 and 134. Keep track of your tempos for 134 this week; what tempo feels natural and easy, and what is the tempo you built to after a week of practice? Try speeding it up by 5 or 10 bpm each session.

#3. Galper 131