Hello, students and parents!

Just a reminder that if you were here this week, you should have your end-of-year-reports. There are summaries of what we’ve accomplished together as well as goals and suggestions for moving forward. I’d suggest going over them together and I’d be glad to talk over anything on them on the 23rd.

If you were away this week, then it would be great to spend a few minutes together (student, parent and I) at the end of the lesson going over the report together this week.


#1. Continue pg. 19 #2
#2. Memorize notes to C pentatonic scale, 2 octaves.
#3. Learn Amazing Grace this week. Aim to play it as melodically and musically as possible. Remember to support your sound, especially in the second octave!


#1. Continue overtone warmup up to ‘ level C’
#2. G harmonic minor scale (pg. 62 of Voxman book). Practice along to a metronome, starting at 40 bpm and aiming towards 55 bpm for our next lesson.
#3. Continue Voxman Gm etude, focussing on the fluidity of your transition between Eb and F# (especially in the 5th line of music)
#4. Demons: Think about the build of the arrangement. When will you choose to play in unison? harmony? bassline? All are options available to you. Learn every part and experiment with your friend in rehearsal.


#1. Register switch to the 3rd register
#2. Note-naming of like notes: do your best to memorize the octave relationships between each note. Practice writing each F, each E, etc. and identifying the notes outside of a scale-based melody.
#3. Galper 113, 109.