I hope you all have a lovely two weeks off! I’m looking forward to hearing about your time when we have our next lesson on March 26th.
For the best results in your self-driven practice in this time off, keep stock of the time you have available for practice and get on your horn regularly. Consistency is key to success! I find it helpful to leave my instrument set up in a safe space in my room (especially if you have a stand); having it out in the open can make it easier to pick up for fun.


Remember to play with deep breaths and a good posture – keep your neck strap high enough so that you’re not slouching at all.
#1. Note naming
#2. 10-20 warmup on A
#3. D minor scale tonguing exercise. Remember high D fingering: octave key and leftmost right hand palm key.
#4. Continue pg. 8 #6, start pg 9 #4.


Regarding your work with the metronome:
– Always listen to the metronome for a few bars to internalize the tempo.
– Try speaking the rhythm of the piece you’re working on, making sure to line up the beats between your rhythm and the metronome where they should.
– Optional: once you’ve played the piece on clarinet along with the metronome a few times, try recording yourself playing it back. Most cell phones have a ‘voice memo’ app that is nice and simple to use. Can you hear where you line up with the metronome and where you don’t?

#1. Note naming (remember sharps and flats)
#2. Continue Galper 97, working with a metronome at 80 building towards 90.
#3. Galper 100: practice first out of time, then with a metronome at 30 bpm. If you’re having trouble keeping the beat at 30, try doubling it to 60bpm.
#4. Continue work on So What from last week. We’ll work on it together next lesson.


#1. Continue 10-20 warmup
#2. Continue Galper exercises 63 and 88.
#3. Work on Cinema Paradiso.
– Connect long notes, tapering dynamics.
– If you’re having trouble getting the high notes, try inserting the register switch exercise to get them in tune and ringing nicely.
– Air support is key in the high register. Remember to take deep breaths!