My apologies for the crappy internet connection today, everything sounded good anyways! Continue to work on the lip slurs and feel free to break it up the same way we did today (two notes at a time). Try to refresh your major scales as well! Those have been good but you want to continue to work towards making them as easy as possible. Know the sharps, flats & position on the treble clef.

I’d like to hear the last 8 bars of Power Ride for next week. Also, try to get through the first 8 bars of in just two breaths! Brake it up into two bar sections and slowly glue them all together.

Finish up the chromatic scale as well. Add the low F# -> C, fingerings and make sure the ledger lines above the staff are good.



Nice job with the ear training today. I think you’ll do a great job on that section of the RCM exam.

Keep up the good work with your scales as well. For the exam you’ll have to play Bb, C, D and Eb maj; B, C, D and E min as well as the arpeggios associated with them. Also D chromatic scale.

Etude in G is sounding great! Try to incorporate more of a pulse into your playing and the song will come to life. Accent the first and fourth beats.