Continue to work on those 5 note slurs; Aim for having C-> high G comfortable. Take full breaths and crescendo up so you can use the air to your advantage. If you’re having trouble with one interval in particular, change the starting note, or practice some of those rips I mentioned. That will activate your core, and the corners of your face.

Swan Lake is sounding better. If you pre plan your breathing you’ll be able to play the phrases with a lot more confidence & musicality. I’d like to hear that again for next week. Check out Shenandoah if you have the chance as well.


Those minor scales are sounding better. Check out the arpeggios & aim to get them memorized.

I don’t have many notes on the rep this week. All of them have been coming together nicely and with more time they will be great. My only thought is that they would benefit from a more legato (smooth) tongue. That will give the music more momentum and allow you to incorporate more dynamics into your playing. Remember to take full breaths and always play with a full sound.



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