Good lesson today!!

Keep working on those 5 notes slurs; these things take time… your patience will soon be rewarded! Keep the air moving and memorize the sensation of changing notes. Use the Eb Ab C slur grouping as your ground zero and move up from there. You should be able to get F Bb D – or higher, solid for next week.

Your major scales have really come together. We did all the major scales between C and F so for this week work on the major scales between F# and B. Try to do a couple harmonic minor scales as well. Do C, F and Bb.

All of the songs we’re working on are getting better too. Generally your time has improved and your sound is a lot more stable. Take time this week to slowly work through etude in D min and etude in C maj. I think those are a great challenge for you at the moment, you’ll learn a lot!

Have fun!!