Keep on working on those descending major scales into the pedal register. Again, these are a great warm up for getting the air and face feeling relaxed. Use your ear as a guide when you get below that F#. Try for Eb or D major.

Slurs were looking & sounding like they were a little harder today, and that certainly happens to everyone. Thats a great time to take each slur slow and focus on your air/ face strength. Make sure every part of the machine (your body) is working together. Also, we didn’t do these this week but I really want you to continue to work on the low G extension exercise. Thats the G arpeggio down to low G and then the scale up to a G then progressively adding more notes on top. Thats a great one for range and register connection.

Etude in D is sounding much better, although still just out of your grasp. Playing the whole piece without stopping will be a great goal which will improve your endurance and efficiency. Slow it down and break it up as much as you need to. Check out those harder slurs (G->D, etc..) and some more of the articulation stuff.

Keep working through Power Ride. Again, it’s another tune that will challenge your endurance and range. lots of big interval jumps hidden throughout the piece that we’ve addressed already, but keep an eye out for those. Spend sometime this week on the last 8 bars, it might end up being easier than you think.