Great lesson today! It’s always nice when we can dig into the technique side of the instrument without getting too tedious. Check out some of the exercises we did:

Long tones chromatically descending from C -> F# one breath/ note. Focus on a full inhalation without straining yourself. Relaxation will allow you to achieve the best sound!

2 octave scales. These are the best. You’re on the right track with it, just keep up the good work. Crescendo up to the top and the air will support the upper register. Do these daily!!

A new one we added in was the 12345 pattern to work on tonguing in the mid/ upper register. For example, you would play F,G,A,Bb,C and tongue the C a couple times then go back down. Continue up the scale in the same pattern. Think spit ball on the top notes to get the air to continue flowing. Don’t break the sound up too much with the tongue.

We also did a slightly different approach to slurring this week too, which I kind of enjoyed more. We did the three note slurs, into the slurred intervals based on the scale and then finally octave jumps. Great for moving all over the horn and adjusting your air stream/ face to get the pitch.

If you do those exercises everyday you will see huge results!!!!