Continue to work on those 5 note slurs. I think those are really in your grasp! Figure out which group of 5 you can do consistently (ex: A, E, A, C#, E). You can use that as your benchmark and build from there. It’ll help you to gauge your good days & bad days as well. Keep the air moving forward and compress the air with your stomach! You can use your lips as well, but that shouldn’t be the focus… it’ll weaken the sound and make you lightheaded.

Check out those major scale patterns we talked about last week. Triads and thirds!!!!!! For next week I want to hear a couple of those. Also, make sure to write out the triads on staff paper if you can.

That was fun sight reading today. Take some time this week to look through some of the other material in that link – which I will attach here as well. This is one of those things where the more you do it the better you get (duh) but you’ll see tangible results quick too. Keep that concept of varying your articulation in the front of your mind too. You’re close to being comfortable with switching back and forth with ease. This week, take some time to listen to music with trumpet in it, THINK & LISTEN to the articulation!! It will change all the time.

Have fun! Here’s the link for the music.